Starting Primary School

We know how hard it is selecting a school for your child.  Trinity strive to make the process as easy as possible. We hope you find all the information you need here, but, if you want to know more, please contact the school office 01454 218462.

We find a School Tour provides prospective parents and carers a good insight into what makes Trinity a fun place to learn and thrive.  During a School Tour you will meet and be shown around by the Headteacher and the School Ambassadors (two Year 6 pupils). You will get to visit each classroom and the outdoor areas, be provided with information and have the opportunity to ask questions. The School Tours for Prospective Parents and Carers (2020-21) will be:

Monday 30th September 2019  at 9:30am

Tuesday 22nd October 2019  at 9:30am

Wednesday 27th November 2019 at 2:00pm

Thursday 9th January 2020 at 2:00pm

If you would like to come to one of the School Tours we would appreciate knowing in advance so please contact the school office to let us know that you are intending to come. If you cannot let us know in advance you are welcome to just come along on the day. If you cannot make the dates above you can contact the school office and we will arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your visit.

General Admissions guidance

Children are legally required to start school at the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. However children whose parents live in South Gloucestershire may be admitted to school at the beginning of the school year provided that they reach the age of four years on or before August 31st.

Class Intake Size

Under the terms of the Education Reform Act 1988, Local Authorities and schools are required to set admission levels that reflect the accommodation capacity of the school. The admission level or standard number for Trinity is set at 20 for each new entry, and therefore a school total capacity of 140.

For children starting Primary School this coming year:

Primary School Admissions—September 2020

If you have a child born between 01.09.2015—31.08.2016 you will need to apply for a Primary school place by 15th January 2020.

Primary admission forms for South Gloucestershire residents must be completed online at:


Primary admission forms for Wiltshire residents must be completed online at:

Parents/carers who do not live in South Gloucestershire but who wish to apply for a place at a South Gloucestershire infant/primary school must complete the online application form from the local authority in which they live.

Unless the school is oversubscribed in the desired year, parental preference will result in a place at Trinity being offered. This process begins during the Autumn Term, for entry in the following September. Should the school be oversubscribed in the desired year, allocations will be made in accordance with Local Authority (LA) criteria.

Only the parent/carer with legal responsibility for the child may complete and submit the application form and only one application per child will be accepted (please refer to the Glossary of Terms for a definition of parental/carer responsibility).  It is important that both parents/carers agree with the preferred schools named so any difficulties in reaching this agreement are dealt with in advance of the closing date.  We can process only one application per child and South Gloucestershire Council cannot become involved in disputes between parents/carers.

For children starting Secondary School this coming year:

Y6 Children—Secondary School Applications

Y7 Admission forms for South Gloucestershire residents must be completed online at:

Y7 Admission forms for Wiltshire residents must be completed online at:

The online application form is available for completion until 31st October 2019.

If you miss this date your application will be ‘late’ and you will reduce the likelihood of receiving an offer at one of your preferred schools.

Offer of a secondary school place made to parents/carers resident in South Gloucestershire will be on 2nd March 2020.