Athletes from across Years 5 and 6 did themselves and the school proud at the Wotton District Sports track event, held at KLB.  We had many podium finishes, some wonderful sack racing and super skipping.  On top of all of that, the children were noted for their positive attitude, friendliness and respectfulness towards other children and adults.  What more could we ask for!  Huge congratulations to everyone who part, and special thanks to all the parents who were able to help.  The full results (in race order) were:

Joe  – 4th in the boys 400m

Jemima  – 1st in the girls 400m

Amy – 3rd in the Year 5 skipping

Amelie – 5th in the Year 6 skipping

William – 7th in the Year 5 sack race

Phoebe – 7th in the Year 6 sack race

Chloe – 2nd the in Year 5 girls 70m sprint

Reuben – 4th in the Year 5 boys 70m sprint

Olivia 7th in the Year 6 girls 70m sprint

Elliot 70m – 3rd in the Year 6 boys 70m sprin (Elliot is in Year 5!)

Chloe ,Amy, Reuben, Joe –  3rd in the Year 5 relay

Jemima, Amelie, Olivia, Phoebe – 5th in the Year 6 relay


Beech Oak