Welcome to Ash Class

Mrs. Gadsby (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings and alternate Wednesday afternoons)

Mrs. McLaughlin (alternate Wednesday afternoons, Thursday & Friday)

General Information:

Please make sure that your child has the following in school:

  • A PE kit
  • Outdoor shoes that can be worn on the field when muddy
  • A water bottle

Children also need to bring their reading book and reading record into school every day.

Homework and Spellings

You can now download the class HOMEWORK and PLANNING mats for Term 5 by clicking on button below.


Non-Fiction – Can you write a polar bear fact file with heading and sub-headings? Can you label a penguin? What are the key features of instructions and fact files? Can you use connectives such as: and, but, and, so, if and because to give more detail?
Fiction – Can you order a story and predict the ending to a story? Can you write your own version of how a story should end? What noun phrases and intereresting words can you include in your story writing?

Poetry – Can you find rhyming words and repeating patterns in poems? Can you recite a poem?


How far can you count? Can you find the number before and the number after a given number? Ten more or ten less? Can you count in twos, threes, fives and tens? Do you know what each number represents in a 2 or 3 digit number? Can you recognise odd and even numbers?

Can you choose and use the correct operation to solve a problem? Can you use a number line?

Can you name and describe 2D and 3D shapes? What criteria can you use to sort shapes?


Science -
Find out about different animals that live in the polar regions. Find out about Emperor penguins. How do they keep warm? Can you draw a food chain? What is their lifecycle? Can you draw and label a walrus? What is their habitat? Why does ice melt? What makes ice melt quickly?

Computing - How can you stay safe online? How do you you search for information using a computer? Can you use a mouse to move around a computer? How do you use the learnpads? Can you use a keyboard to type?


Art – Can you draw a self portrait? Can you draw with different media? Can you use shading? Can you make a polar themed piece of art?

Music – Can you learn and perform songs to an audience? Can you control a rhythm? Can you play percussion? Can you link instruments to ‘moods’ in stories, and use this to perform?


PE – Can you bounce and catch a ball? Roll hoops and quoits? Hit a ball with a bat? How can you improve your skills?
Dance: How would you move in different weather? Can you move like polar animals? Can you perform a penguin dance? How about pretending to make a snowman?

PSEE – How can you make our classroom a happy place? What is a good friend?


Geography – Where are the poles? How are they like the UK?

History – Can you find out about an historic polar explorer? How about a modern-day one?

R.E. - Can you explore why we celebrate Harvest? Can you learn about Judaism? Can you re-tell the first Christmas?

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