The corrupted smell didn’t affect me.

For I saw no further,

I got up, walked out the door,

As I was no observer.

The street was colourless, no-one was there.

Nothing left, not a single hair.

I continued walking, I had nothing to fear.

Because I didn’t know, death was near.

I stopped for a minute, looked at my tracks.

I’d gone too far, I couldn’t go back.

I remembered my mum, standing by the door.

I’d gone North, never been that way before.


With a gun in my hand, I had a frown,

As most of the men had been shot down.

The family – the life – I used to know,

Was getting lost in the rising snow.

Blood, there was blood everywhere,

Enough to say that I didn’t care,

A bullet went straight through my chest.

Blood on my hands, blood on my vest.

My life flashed before my lost eyes.

There was no one there to say goodbye.

A red cross filled my vision,

Life or death…there is no decision…

By Poppy