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Homework and Spellings

Year 6 Homework Notice:
Instead of following the termly homework mat, year 6 will be receiving weekly Maths and English homework.
Homework will mostly be based on the week’s learning and provide an opportunity to consolidate their understanding.
Homework will be handed out every Thursday and must be returned to school by the following Tuesday.


Term 1: In term 1 we’ll be exploring how the theme of WWII is portrayed through the eyes of children in occupied Europe across a variety of titles including: Rose Blanche, Once and Anne Frank’s Diary.

Term 2: In term 2 we’ll be entering the world of Dickens looking at his classic tale, A Christmas Carol. We’ll be examining Dickens’ use of language, the way themes are presented and how he builds a strong sense of atmosphere and place.


Term 1: Over the course of term 1, we’ll be recapping number and arithmetic. We’ll be studying mental and written methods of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication as well as how these skills can be applied to real problems.

Term 2: Fractions and decimals will be on the table in term 2. We’ll look at simplifying, ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with fractions. In addition to fractions we’ll also be starting to take a t co-ordinates, position and direction in geometry.


Throughout term 1 and term 2, we’ll looking at how forces help, hinder and impact the world around us. We’ll be looking at how levers and pulleys can make our lives easier, how friction changes from surface to surface and how bouncy, air-resistance, surface area and weight impact an objects ability to float or fly.


Art In art we’ll be looking at the various art movements and styles that characterised the changing world of the 20th century such as Art Deco and the Bauhaus movement, as well as many of the famous artists that left their mark on the period.

DT In term 2, we’ll be linking our DT and geography work together as we work to design our own town plan and create various models and materials to promote our new location.


PE In term 1, we’ll be working on our catching, passing and our teamwork skills in netball.

PE will be on a Tuesday and a Friday.

Citizenship In term 1, pupils will be looking at relationships – what makes a good friend, how we build and sense of community around us and how we can help and support people in the community.


History Over the next two terms we’ll be looking at how the world as we know it evolved over the course of the 20th century and we’ll be looking at the many events that changed the course of history forever.

Geography After two World Wars, much of Europe was left in ruins. In Geography, we’ll be looking at the new towns that sprung up over Britain and what goes into designing a new town.

RE Term 1: In our first term, we’ll look at how different faiths perceive the idea of life and death. Term 2: In our second term, we’ll be looking at how religion has shaped views of what is just.

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