An important part of being a Church of England School is collective worship.  We see it as a valuable time for the whole school to meet together.  As a Church of England school, our services reflect the Christian ethos through stories, hymns and prayers.

We assemble for collective worship each day as the whole school. On Fridays, we alternate between a celebration service, a Parade of Excellence service and a service lead by a representive of the Church . We recognise that many of our children have a range of interests outside of school and we celebrate not only their individual achievements in school but also outside, for instance in sporting or musical events and examinations, through the celebration and Parade of Excellence services.

The Headteacher, individual teachers or the children themselves usually lead them. During the year each class leads a service for their parents and other classes. We also have a wide range of visitors to the school who will lead a service, many of them from churches in the local area.

Collective worship helps promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of pupils at Trinity. However, all parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship, should they so wish, but it must be understood that such activities make a contribution to cross-curricular objectives pursued during the course of the school week. Children not attending service will be expected to spend their time in individual study.