The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst maintaining a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, giving the children excellent educational opportunities to develop as they progress through their primary education. We firmly believe in the value of educating the whole child so that each individual will feel competent and confident when facing the challenges of the world. Our efforts at Trinity are centred on the needs of the child and we, as a team, will aim to develop all aspects of appropriate child development – academic, social, emotional, moral, cultural and physical.

The members of the teaching staff work together as a team to combine their rich variety of educational expertise and enthusiasm. We offer strong commitment and a very high level of professional dedication. Everyone plays a significant part in the successful development of Trinity and its children.

The school curriculum at Trinity comprises all learning and other experiences that we plan for our pupils.


The National Curriculum is an important element of our whole curriculum. It has four main purposes:

      • To establish an entitlement to education
      • To establish standards
      • To promote continuity and coherence
      • To promote public understanding

There are three National Curriculum core subjects:

      • English (Literacy)
      • Mathematics (Numeracy)
      • Science

In addition to the core subjects the following foundation subjects are taught at Trinity:

      •   Design and technology (DT)
      •   Information and communication technology (ICT)
      •   History
      •   Geography
      •   Art and design
      •   Music
      •   Physical Education (PE)
      •   Modern Foreign Language- French

In addition to the National Curriculum we also provide Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) which both provide a distinctive contribution to the curriculum at Trinity.

The teaching staff have produced a skills-based creative curriculum which delivers most of the above subjects through one over-arching topic per term. This enables the children to focus on one theme and to see the links across subjects. We have found that this has provided opportunities for independent and collaborative work, and increased enthusiasm.

Please click below for Glossaries for English to help your child with their learning: