On Wednesday 3rd November 2021 we took part in a tournament at KLB School. The squad was:

Matilda, Ellie, Hannah, Lucy, Libby, Eva, Hermione, Iyla and Sophie.

During the tournament we played four matches showing great teamwork, determination, respect and enjoyment. Our results were:

Game 1

Trinity 3-0 North Nibley (Yellow) 

Matilda (3)


Game 2

Trinity 1-3 British (Blue) 



Game 3

Trinity 6-0 North Nibley (Green) 

Matilda (2)

Sophie (2)

Iyla (2)


Game 4

Trinity 8-0 British (Red) 

Matilda (4)

Iyla (3)


Overall the team came second in the tournament which we think is a fantastic result.

Well done Team Trinity!