As historians, we want our pupils to be curious explorers of the past.  Our curriculum is designed to enable pupils to build their knowledge of significant periods in both British history and that of the wider world.  At Trinity we aim to equip pupils with the ability to ask questions, think critically about how and why things have changed, and weigh up evidence to make their own judgements.  These skills help them to understand the diversity of our societies today, their own place within the world, and think about the challenges of their time.  They will develop their chronological skills and make connections between different periods of history studied, enabling them to remember and understand more about history.


History lessons are underpinned by our 5 pillars in order to develop their historical skills.  History units are carefully sequenced and planned to ensure that lessons build upon these key ideas.


  • Children who think like historians and enjoy historical enquiry.
  • Pupils who are able to weigh up evidence and form an opinion about events.
  • Children who can share what they have learnt in a variety of ways.
  • Children who have an insight into the chronology of events that have taken place in Britain and the wider world from the Stone Age to present day.

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