At the beginning of each term, each child will receive a homework mat with a range of different activities to choose from.  These will correspond with our areas of learning (as outlined on class planning mats).

Core homework activities (in the middle of the mat) should be ongoing and take place on a daily/weekly basis.  These are:

  • Daily reading
  • Spelling – preparing for weekly tests
  • Times tables/Astro Challenge practice

In addition to this, children should choose one piece of homework from the grid to complete each week.

Maths and English activities are compulsory; children can choose from the remaining activities.

Your child will complete 5 of the remaining activities throughout the course of Term 1, although may complete more should they choose to do so.

A piece of homework should be handed in every Tuesday along with your child’s homework book.  The homework will be marked/commented on and returned on Thursday.  Please note that in Ash and Willow Classes, some homework is required in by specified dates.

We hope that this approach to homework will provide a greater element of choice and flexibility.