We have pleasure in announcing the launch of the Trinity Primary School, whole school times tables ‘Astro Adventure Challenge.’

This is an agreed whole school approach to learning multiplication and division facts up to 12 x12. This challenge is based around zooming through the ‘Milky Way Galaxy’ from planet to planet and efficiently and effectively reciting different times tables under test conditions.

There is a supplementary leaflet that has been attached to this email that explains how the challenge has been organised within Trinity, and hopefully clarifies any questions that you may have regarding this. If it doesn’t answer any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

The ‘Astro Adventure Challenge, is not age specific because according to how confident and efficient the child is, with their times tables recall, they can be positioned anywhere within the continuum.

Mathematics will continue to teach multiplication and division fact recall, and all children will be tested frequently to assess whether they can move onto the next planet/challenge.

The adventure has sixteen stages, culminating in an ‘Ultimate Galaxy Buster’ challenge, where the children, will be provided with opportunities to use and apply their knowledge across a range of mathematical concepts.

We are determined as a school, to ensure that each child feels empowered to learn their tables and move through the system as quickly as possible. With your continued help and support that you offer at home, your child will make rapid progress and gain a certificate that will be given out at Parade of Excellence for each stage successfully completed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and supporting your child on their journey through the Galaxy!

Some useful websites that you could use at home to help your child at home-




View the Astro Adventure Leaflet here: