At Trinity we want every child to experience the ‘joy’ of music and music-making.  We aim to provide children with a range of inclusive opportunities to discover and develop their musical skills, and to express themselves creatively and confidently.  By the time they leave Trinity, we want our children to be equipped with a good understanding of different musical genres and techniques, to have explored diversity in music, and to know what it feels like to be a musician.


Where possible, our music teaching supports our wider curriculum, enabling children to make links in their learning.  We use the music scheme ‘Charanga’ to support our lessons as appropriate.  As children progress through the school, they develop their knowledge of pulse, rhythm, pitch and notation.  Lessons are focused on the following key areas:

  • Listening and appraisal
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Performance

Wider musical opportunities at Trinity:

  • Peripatetic teaching in guitar, keyboard and piano
  • The EYFS/KS1 musical nativity
  • The KS2 end of year musical production
  • An annual KS2 performance to the community


  • Learners with a love of music and music-making.
  • An appreciation of the positive influence music has on us as individuals and upon our school community.
  • Learners who are creative and confident.
  • Children with an understanding of how music reflects the diversity in our world.
  • An opportunity to showcase talents.
  • Pride in working towards a common goal.

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