Welcome to Oak Class

Miss Prichard (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Callicott (Thursdays & Fridays)


General Information:

Please make sure that your child has the following in school:

  • A PE kit
  • Outdoor shoes that can be worn on the field when muddy
  • A water bottle

Children also need to bring their reading book (either one from the school library or home) and reading record into school every day.

Homework and Spellings

You can now download the class HOMEWORK and PLANNING mats for term 4 by clicking on button below.
Please see Important Communications for class spellings for Term 4.


In Term 3 we will be studying the wonderful ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill alongside a range of short extracts. The focus for our writing will be biography writing, non-chronological reports and descriptive writing.

In Term 4, we will be reading ‘Sky Song’ by Abi Elphinstone. We will write our own chapter to add to the Arctic adventure and look at persuasive and explanatory writing.

How do authors ‘hook’ the reader in?
How do authors ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ how a character is feeling?
Can you use different sentence types to make your writing more interesting?


Our learning will cover the following:

Term 3
Mental and written methods for multiplication and division, fractions

Term 4
Calculating with fractions, understanding decimals and percentages

Can you use the most efficient method to x and ÷ and calculate quickly?
What is a fraction? How does it relate to decimals and percentages?


In Science we’ll be looking at sound and the shocking world of electricity.

How is sound produced? How do we hear?

What is electricity? Where does it come from? Can you build and adapt a circuit for a purpose?

Can you use Scratch to programme your own interactive game?


Design Technology
British food has been influenced by many different cuisines throughout the world. Can you design and make your own British ‘classic’ with a twist?

Can you create your own Banksy style street art?

Can you perform with expression and an awareness of the audience in our production ‘The Snow Queen’?


In Terms 3 & 4 we will be doing the following sports:
Year 4: Handball, tag-rugby
Year 5: Ultimate Frisbee, football

We will also be doing dance, performing both traditional and contempary British dance routines.

Over the next two terms we will be looking at ‘Celebrating Difference’ and ‘Dreams and Goals’. What are your dreams and goals for 2020, the start of a new decade?


What is Britain like today and what could it look like in the future? What does democracy look like in the UK?

Which countries make up the United Kingdom? Can you find and locate its major cities, rivers and mountain ranges? Can you carry out geographical fieldwork with a focus on tourism?

What does it mean if Christians believe God is holy and loving?
Why is thhe Torah so important to Jewish people?

Class Timetable

School Begins
Session 1 Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
Session 2 English English English English English
Session 3 Guided reading Guided reading Guided reading Guided reading Guided reading
Session 4 Topic Art/ DT RE French Science
Break (KS1 Only)
Session 5 Citizenship / Team Challenge Art / DT Music /ICT PE PE
School Ends

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