This week our Incredible Learners are; Arthur, Katy, Amelia, Toby, Austin, Sophia, Jess, Melissa, Martha, Fionn, Poppy, Finley, Erin, Ziggy, Charlie, Max, Sebby, Tilly, Tabby, Henry, Archie, Benji, Sophia, Jaimee and Matilda.

Arthur was chosen for his wonderful writing retelling the Rainbow Fish in his own words, he used his narrative checklist to make sure he included key features and make it the best writing he could.

All of Year 2 were chosen for their hard work during their assessments this week, demonstrating great knowledge across all learning areas.

Benji was chosen for his great attitude to learning and asking lots of well chosen questions to build his knowledge, especially during science.

Sophia was chosen for her smiley sportsmanship during netball training sessions and tournaments, on and off the court.

Jaimee and Matilda were chosen for their fantastic flashback writing, they were both well structured and incredibly imaginative.

Well done everyone!