This week our Incredible Learners are; Connie, Toby, Tom, Ethan, Will and Lottie!

Connie was chosen for her super science work of identifying the key parts of a flower and their role, as well as creating a lovely flower to match.

Toby was chosen for his wonderful word choices during his written recount about the Easter Egg Hunt, words such as ‘optimistic’ and ‘persevered’.

Tom was chosen for showing constant readiness for learning and always being dependable for listening, focusing and contributing.

Ethan and Will were chosen for their perseverance and teamwork on the orienteering trip on Thursday, as well as being great representatives for Trinity.

Lottie was also chosen for making brilliant language choices in her description of the Himalayan village as read in Asha and the Spirit Bird.

And a bonus well done for 10 of our year 5s who took part in an orienteering festival on Thursday. They represented Trinity very well and continued to show their amazing can-d0 attitudes even after 3 hours of running around.

What a great way to start the term, well done!