Our core values are
Courage, respect and friendship
underpinned by Love and Kindness
Trinity CE Primary School Vision statement (pdf)

Ethos Statement:

Trinity CE Primary School gives a high priority to the spiritual development of all in the school community and places collective worship at the centre of its daily life.  Christian values are vital elements to the ethos and teaching within Trinity, however, the school exerts no pressure to believe.  We aim to develop independent and responsible children who have a balanced, tolerant and informed view of the world and the different beliefs and cultures in it.

Our Values

As a Church of England Primary School, we offer a spiritual and moral basis for the high-quality education we provide. Our Christian values underpin the curriculum, all school policies, and the work of the governing body.  Our core values are ‘Courage’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Friendship’, underpinned by ‘Love’ and ‘Kindness’.

Vision statement:

Trinity CE Primary School is a welcoming, nurturing, forward thinking, high-achieving, happy and safe community where everyone is valued and respected. Our school is a place where children thrive intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.  Our aim is that all children become happy, well-mannered, resilient, responsible future global citizens with enquiring minds, who are happy, ambitious and successful.

We aspire to achieve these aims:

By providing engaging, inspiring, challenging, inclusive and fun learning opportunities in a well-resourced, stimulating environment both inside and out.

By encouraging collaboration and independence.

By having a highly skilled, motivated, committed, caring and creative team modelling and communicating high expectations for learning and behaviour.

Through effective, respectful and supportive working relationships between staff, children, parents, Governors and the wider school community.

Our values foci in
Our values foci in
Our values foci in
Term 1- Respect
Term 2- Compassion
Term 3- Truthfulness
Term 4- Service
Term 5- Wisdom
Term 6- Creativity
Term 1- Courage
Term 2- Perseverance
Term 3- Responsibility
Term 4- Hope
Term 5- Justice
Term 6- Humility
Term 1- Friendship
Term 2- Trust
Term 3- Forgiveness
Term 4- Generosity
Term 5- Peace
Term 6- Thankfulness