Due to current restrictions Parents’ Evening will run in a different way to normal. You will have the opportunity to book a 10 minute phone call with your child’s or children’s teachers during the week beginning 12th October 2020. This will be to discuss how your child or children have settled back into school, information relating to assessment and a general wellbeing check. Some of the time slots will be during the day and some after school. You will be asked to book via the online system in the same way you do for face to face meetings. When booking, use the comments box to provide the best contact number for your day and time.

The days and times for each class and teacher are as follows:

Willow- Miss Godwin

Wednesday 14th October 13.00-16.00

Thursday 15th October 09.00-10.30


Ash- Mrs Gadsby

Tuesday 13th October 09.00-10.30 and 15.40-17.00

Ash- Mrs McLaughlin

Wednesday 14th October 13.00-16.00


Elm- Mr Strawson

Thursday 15th October 13.00-18.00


Oak- Miss Prichard

Tuesday 13th October 13.00-17.00

Oak- Mrs Callicott

Friday 16th October 13.30-14.30 and 15.40-17.00


Beech- Mr Shiles

Wednesday 14th October 13.30-17.00 and Friday 16th October 14.30-15.30