Pupil Premium Spending

Trinity CE Primary School

What is it?

The Pupil Premium is an additional grant of money provided to schools by the government aimed at reducing the educational effects of disadvantage. It is currently worth £900 per eligible child. In April 2014 this will rise to between £1300 and £1900 depending on individual circumstances.

Who is eligible?

The Pupil Premium is allocated to children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals in both mainstream and non-mainstream settings and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months. It is also paid on the basis of pupils who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the last 6 years.

A smaller amount is allocated to children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces. This service premium is designed to address the emotional and social well-being of these pupils.

From April 2014, schools in England can receive the Pupil Premium for children adopted from care, or who left care under a Special Guardianship Order on or after 30 December 2005. Schools can also claim the Pupil Premium for children who left care under a Residence Order on or after 14 October 1991.

What is it for?

The Pupil Premium is to help schools raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap with their peers. It is paid to schools in respect of disadvantaged pupils in Reception to Year 11.

As a group, children who have been eligible for FSM at any point in time have consistently lower educational attainment than those who have never been eligible for FSM.

The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their wealthier peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.

In most cases the Pupil Premium is allocated to schools and is clearly identifiable. It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since the government’s view is that they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.

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Academic Year 2018-2019

Percent FSM: __% (no. 4)

Pupil Premium Funding 2018/19: £5,280

How was the Pupil Premium allocated? The impact was:
  • Resources
  • Additional TA capacity  – Pupil Premium Champion


Role of Pupil Premium Champion being developed and defined along with monitoring systems. Regular and ongoing opportunities for children to be tracked, monitored, supported and listened to.

School trips and visits, including residential


All pupils able to access all opportunities

Additional in class TA support (pre-tutoring, interventions, group work)


Children receive support to ‘catch up’ or ‘keep up’ with their peers within the main class teaching.

10x half day supply (for teachers with children in receipt of PP in their class) for mentoring, interventions, catch-up and target setting.


Children receive support to ‘catch up’ or ‘keep up’ with their peers in addition to the main class teaching.

Pupil Premium Funding 2017/18: £5,280

How was the Pupil Premium allocated? The impact was:
  • Resources
  • Additional TA capacity


Children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding;

· have increased opportunities to work with their class teacher or a TA

· are monitored weekly and their progress is closely monitored

· receive targeted support specific to their needs

· make progress at least in line with their peers

School trips including residential Children able to experience range of learning opportunities outside of school to enhance their learning at school
Additional lunchtime support Children able to maximize social and active opportunities at lunchtime
Funding after-school clubs for children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding Children able to access additional opportunities through clubs, including sports clubs, learning new skills and being active and healthy