The School Day

Part of the Day Time
School Begins and Registration 8:55 am
Session 1 9:05 am
Break 10:30 am
Session 2 10:45 am
Lunch 12:00 pm
Session 3 1:15 pm
Break 2:30 pm (Foundation and KS1 Only)
Session 4 2:45 pm
End of the Day 3:30 pm

School Day Procedure

On Arrival:

  • Children should arrive at school for 8:45am and come onto the playground.  Please note children should not be left at school any earlier than 8.45am.  Children are not allowed into the school  before this time unless specific permission from a member of staff.
  • We encourage punctuality, to ensure each child has the opportunity to begin the school day successfully.
  • When the “Start of School” bell sounds the children should line up in their classes on the playground.
  • On wet mornings children are permitted to go directly to their classes via the playground.

Late Arrival:

  • If a child arrives late for school the parent or carer should bring the child to the School Office and sign them in.

School Absence:

  • If a child is unable to attend School, they must ring the School as soon as possible.

End of School and Collection:

  • Children should be collected at 3.30 p.m.
  • Any child going home on their own must leave the school as soon as they have been dismissed from their class unless they are attending an after school club.
  • If Parents or Carers are going to be late to collect their children, they should notify the School Office as soon as possible.  Children will wait in the school building after 3.40pm.

Severe Weather Conditions

It will be the aim of the school to maintain “business as usual” throughout the year, but there may be circumstances beyond our control and we will adopt a “common sense” approach at all times. On days when there may be severe weather (heavy snow or ice), parents are advised to check that school will be open before sending the children to school. The main line of communication will be via the Text2Parents system, emails, this website, South Gloucestershire’s website and local media (Radio Bristol, Heart FM). If no announcement is broadcast, please assume that Trinity School will be operating as normal.