Developing inquisitiveness and curiosity are a fundamental part of our exciting and engaging Science curriculum. Science is everywhere. Our aim is for our learners have opportunities to ask questions, make predictions, experiment and observe to help develop their understanding of the world around them.


Our Science curriculum has the following features:

  • Science content is linked closely to our termly Learning Journey.
  • Children are encouraged to ask questions that fuel explorations and generate scientific lines of enquiry.
  • Explorations take the form of practical investigations during which children develop their familiarity with the scientific method.
  • Learners are taught key scientific language appropriate to their stage of learning and this vocabulary is revisited and built upon throughout their time at Trinity. They use appropriate scientific language to explain their findings.
  • Careful links between each science unit are made to enable content to be revisited and to build upon prior knowledge both within the year and across year groups.
  • Meaningful and relevant connections between Science and other curriculum areas are made to enhance our provision.
  • Scientists and Engineers are invited into school to inspire, motivate and develop STEM future aspirations.
  • Learners who see themselves as Scientists or Engineers rather than passively observing.
  • Children who recognise that their daily lives are shaped by Science – managing their health or understanding the need to recycle etc.
  • Learners who ask questions, collect information, organise and test ideas and solve problems.
  • Pupils who make greater sense of the world, increasingly shaped by science and technology.
  • Learners who communicate clearly and show perseverance.

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