Staffing & Curriculum Membership: Eight Governors

QuorumFive Governors

Meetings: Meetings to be held at least once each old term (Autumn, Spring, Summer) and otherwise as necessary. One week’s notice will be given when convening a meeting

Purpose: Firstly, to ensure that the school has the correct and appropriate teaching and non-teaching staff in place to undertake all the necessary duties, and that these staff are employed and work within the correct procedures. Secondly, that the school provides the statutory curriculum and those additional areas agreed by the staff and governors.

Staffing & Curriculum Terms of Reference (2018/2019):

  • 1. To receive reports from the Headteacher on staffing, structure and roles. (Autumn)
  • 2. To ensure that arrangements for Performance Management of staff are in place for the coming year and to review previous year. (Autumn)
  • 3. To ensure that the staff handbook is in place and all staff have reviewed its contents. (Autumn)
  • 4. To review Policies list and identify policies to be reviewed within the year. (Autumn)
  • 5. To review school performance data on ‘Perspective Lite’, FFT Aspire and Analysing School Performance. (Autumn)
  • 6. To review the Equalities Policy and Plan and report to Full Governing Body (FGB) where appropriate. (Autumn)
  • 7. To review SAT’s provision for summer term. (Autumn)
  • 8. To review Performance Management objectives for staff. (Autumn)
  • 9. To receive a report from the Headteacher including Child Protection (possibly review of policy), provision of sex education and any racist, sexist or bullying incidents within school over the past year. (Autumn)
  • 10. To make recommendations to the governing body at the time of budget setting, on staffing structure and roles. (Spring)
  • 11. To monitor and review school performance data in light of data analysis at FGB in autumn e.g. ‘Perspective Lite’, FFT Aspire and pupil tracking. (Spring)
  • 12. To review the assessment procedures used within the school. (Spring)
  • 13. To review Performance Management progress for staff using anonymised documentation. (Spring)
  • 14. To monitor the programmes of staff development and training and ensure that it is meeting the needs of the school- in hindsight and for the future. (Summer)
  • 15. To agree phased admission for Reception children in September of next academic year. (Summer)
  • 16. To monitor and review School Website and ensure compliance of Statutory guidelines, and to review and publish school prospectus. (Summer)
  • 17. To review the year’s PPA arrangements and prepare arrangements for the next academic year. (Summer)
  • 18. To review school attendance data in particular punctuality, broken weeks (30%+), low attendance (<=90%), vulnerable groups (FSM & SEND), analysis by class and year group and strategies to celebrate and promote good attendance and punctuality. (Summer)
  • 19. To review the collective worship provision within the school. (On-going)
  • 20. To check the provision of the school’s curriculum in line with the school’s Evaluation and Monitoring Policy and to discuss any issues identified through the monitoring. (On-going)
  • 21. To receive reports from the Headteacher or other staff on curriculum or subject specific matters. (On-going)
  • 22. To review and agree relevant school policies and make recommendations where necessary, as listed in the policies review timetable. (As policy review dates)
  • 23. To action those tasks within the SDP that are delegated to the S&C committee by the FGB and report back as appropriate. (Each Term)
  • 24. To ensure that all procedures relating to the recruitment of staff are in place and that they are kept under annual review following any changes in legislation., and to follow Safer Recruiting procedures. (As required)
  • 25. To monitor the implementation and effectiveness of relevant school policies and to report back to S&C. (As appropriate)
  • 26. To receive, comment on and initiate appropriate action in respect of LA, DfES and other documents on staffing issues. (As appropriate)

Next Review Date: October 2019

Staffing & Curriculum terms of reference 2018