Toby and his Mummy made this amazing space scape complete with a brilliantly realistic giant papier-mâché moon and a Covid-19 Rocket ship!  Read how he did it below…..

Mummy helped me with adding all the strips of papier-mâche. (This was very time consuming and needed about 8 layers. We used glue on some layers and flour and water on others. We had one problem, when mummy put the ball in the sun to dry, which ended in us learning about air expanding when it heats up. The air expanded so much it ripped our papier-mâché ball in half. I think mummy nearly cried 🙂 When we fixed that with many more layers, we then added craters and added sand so it looks more like the real moon. Finally we painted it. It took forever to make. I then made the rocket from a lemonade bottle from the recycling which we covered in glitter card. We started making this at the beginning of lockdown and finished today!