Our Purpose

The Friends of School (FOS) is a fundraising and school support committee.  The committee are all parents, with the addition of one representative from the school teaching or administrative staff.  Our primary aim is to raise money to allow the school to buy things that our Local Authority (LA) budget does not cover, as well as some that it should!

Typically these items include teaching resources, play equipment, the provision of special activities and visits from art and theatre groups, and the subsidisation of school trips.  Whilst fundraising is important to us, we also run a number of non-profit making activities which encourage parents and children to socialise with each other, particularly those that are new to the school.

All the FOS members have good fun being more closely involved with activities at the school.  We notice how the children, especially the youngest ones, enjoy seeing their parents in the school environment and gain in confidence from this connection.

Why do we need Friends of the School?

We support the school by helping to organise events and fundraising activities.  FOS aims to support the school ethos ‘Living, Learning, Growing Together’ by supporting the school with much needed additional funds for extra education activities and resources. We do this by organising fun events for the whole school throughout the year and by giving a helping hand to the school wherever else we can.

This extra funding makes an incredible difference to the school and the development of our children.  With school budgets increasingly stretched the FOS raises essential funds that subsidises swimming lessons, school trips, visits from theatre groups and individual class resources, like reading books and even new laptops and smartboards.  We’ve also helped to fund a variety of specific projects such as the Willow Class outdoor classroom and costumes for both the Christmas Nativity plays and Summer productions.

Every year group benefits.

But it’s not just about fundraising. The FOS arranges several events for the children to enjoy throughout the year, like the Easter Egg Hunt, Kids Disco and not forgetting the parents with events such as our annual Quiz Night and Parents Party.

How can you help?

The number of FOS helpers are dwindling. Without the generosity of parents like you, we would not be able to keep it going. We appreciate many parents are working and busy but as a well known supermarket would say ‘every little helps’.

Not only is it rewarding to know you’ve made a contribution to the school in some way, the FOS also allows parents to get to know one another (more often than not over a drink or two!) and tremendously enhances the school community.

So please do come along to our next meeting, bring a friend, and spread the word – it’s a great way of integrating into the Trinity family.  Alternatively feel free to have a chat with Ricky Brown (FOS Chair), Jodie Mayhead (FOS Vice Chair) or Miss Godwin (FOS Staff Rep.) even if you just have an idea to share.

The FOS Committee

The FOS committee is elected each year at the FOS AGM held at the start of each new academic year.  As a registered charity it’s a formality that we have to follow, but please don’t let that put you off joining!  We encourage and warmly welcome any new parents to join the committee at any time.

If you feel you can’t commit time consistently, we welcome “FOS Superstar helpers”, who help us out every now and again.  It’s a great way of getting involved without having to regularly commit.

Committee Members: Emma Madge, Louise Lawrence, Jack Nicholas, Sophie Elcock, Rachel Allibone, Ainslie Lang, Penny Finnegan, Ricky Brown, Jodie Mayhead, Rupert Monyard, Sarah Godwin, Jess Godwin

If you would like to chat further, please contact Ricky Brown, Jodie Mayhead or Miss Godwin for more information about the Committee, how to nominate someone or how to put yourself forward.


This is a new initiative for the 2019/2020 academic year and aims to place some of our most well established events in the hands of the parents of each class to organise.  We have thought carefully about which events will work best to handover and will be providing a blueprint folder for each event so that the organisation couldn’t be easier.

The reason for this initiative is twofold: Firstly, we aim to take some of the pressure off our core FOS committee who as volunteers themselves have historically had too much onus placed upon them to organise and run all the events.  Secondly and as importantly, we hope to promote inclusion and foster a better understanding of the importance in having a vibrant and flourishing FOS working within the school community, not only to provide much needed additional funding but also to help build a strong, friendly and sociable school community.

The roll-out of class run events will happen gradually over this academic year, but the plan is to allocate the following events to the following classes:

Willow –       Sports Day Teas

Ash –           Easter Egg Hunt

Elm –           Disco

Oak –          Bike Ride

Beech –       Quiz Night


It is intended that the parents from each class come together to organise each event and form their own sub-committee to do so.  The benefit of arranging this initiative class by class is that there will always be experienced parents within each class who will have been involved in organising that event in the previous year, thus providing an element of continuity.