Willow Class thoroughly enjoyed their school trip to Pizza Express in Bristol. Our Food Glorious, Food Topic is all about exploring food origins, learning about different food types, handling food, cooking and even tasting exciting foods from other cultures.

When we arrived at Pizza Express, we were greeted by the chef who gave us aprons and chef hats to wear for the morning. He then demonstrated how pizza is made, as we followed. Everyone was given a piece of dough and we completed the difficult challenge of shaping and spinning it into the right shape. Not as easy as it looks! We then carefully spread the tomato sauce and put the cheese into some interesting patterns.

Our pizzas were cooked in their pizza ovens and were ready in no time, they smelt delicious! Once back at school we enjoyed eating our pizzas for lunch. We had a brilliant morning and loved our Pizza Express Experience!

“This is the best day ever!” Sonny.
“My pizza was so yummy.” Darcey – Rose.
“I enjoyed every part of this morning!” Ethan.

A big thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to help this morning.  We are also very grateful for all help offered for this trip.