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Homework and Spellings

You can now download the class HOMEWORK and PLANNING mats for Term 3 by clicking on button below.


Non-Fiction Information texts (based on topic work) – Can you write a fact file on China or Pandas? Can you write instructions to hold chopsticks/make a Chinese fan/make noodles? What are the key features of information texts? Can you sound out words carefully?

Fiction - Can you write an acrostic poem about Chinese New Year? Can you write the story of The Great Race? Can you write a postcard as if from China? Do you know where to add capital letters, full stops and finger spaces? Can you use question marks and exclamation marks? Can you adjectives to make your sentences more interesting? Do you know where to add conjunctions to make a sentence more interesting?


Can you read a number sentence and understand what it is asking you to do? Can you use subtraction and addition? Can you write your workings out down, using the taught method? Can you count in twos, threes, fives and tens? Do you know what each number represents in a 2-digit number? Can you recognise odd and even numbers? Can you identify tens and ones in a 2-digit number?

Can you read a clock to the nearest hour, half hour and quarter to/past?

Can you identify different coins and notes?

Can you choose and use the correct operation to solve a problem?


Science – Habitats and animal adaptations. Food Chains. Can you place animals into a simple food chain? Do you know the difference between a herbivore, an omnivore and a carnivore? Can you sort animals into their habitats and explain why they are suited to that habitat?

Computing – Can you use ICT to display data in different ways? Do you know where different letters are on the keyboard? Can you expain the use of different keys on the keyboard?


Art – What do you know about arts and crafts from China? Can you make a Willow pattern plate? Can you make a panda collage? Can you design, make and evaluate a Chinese fan?
DT – Can you design, make and evaluate a dragon puppet? Can you plan, make and evaluate a Chinese dish?
Music – can you read and write simple musical notation? Can you copy the pitch, volume and tempo of a call and response song?


PE – Cricket skills: Can you catch and throw a cricket ball carefully? Can you throw a ball at a target? Can you understand cricket terminology? Hockey skills: can you hold a hockey stick correctly? Can you control a small ball with a hockey stick?
PSEE – ‘Celebrating Difference’ and ‘Dreams and Goals’. What are your dreams and goals for 2020, the start of a new decade?


Geography – Can you find China on a map? How about on a globe? Do you know the capital city of China? What are the main rivers of China? Which continent does does China belong to? Which continent does the UK belong to? Can you draw the flag of China? What do you know about Chinese culture, buildings and food?
RE – Understanding Christianity: What Do Chritsians believe God is like?

Class Timetable (subject to change)

School Begins
Session 1 Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Guided Reading (Yr1) / Write Dance (R)
Session 3 English (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) English (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) English (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) English & Guided Reading (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) P.E (outdoors) All
Session 4 Topic R.E Circle Time Science Free flow afternoon
Break (KS1 Only)
Session 5 Topic P.E Music / Computing All about me box Art / D.T
School Ends

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