For children curious about maths:

Below are a few of the YouTube channels I’ve used in the past to teach new concepts and as extension activities in class. If you’re looking to spark your child’s curiosity or take their understanding of maths to the next level, these channels are a great place to start. Maths is actually a really creative subject; once you are secure in the basics, the subject only gets more and more interesting as you find new ways of using the rules you’ve been taught.



It’s very American and cheesy but it teaches the basics in a really clear fashion. This is a great channel for any children (or parents) wanting a refresher on any of the previously covered topics in KS2. It’s also going to be a fantastic resource for covering many of the topics we may not get a chance to cover this year at school, such as: angles, shape and data/statistics.

I’ll probably link a few useful videos when more work is set.


Stand Up Maths:

Run by the amazing Matt Parker, Stand up maths is a fantastic channel that explores interesting maths concepts. Most of the content is accessible for children about to enter KS3 and it is explained in a really easy to understand manner. One of his websites – – also contains loads of great extension resources for KS2, which usually link to a video. They are a great problem solving resource that challenges your child to look at maths from a more open perspective. I normally use a lot of the resources here in term 5/6.



With a wide variety of hosts – including Matt Parker and Dr Hannah Fry – Numberphile is a channel that presents a diverse range of subjects in an easy to access format: weird numbers with fascinating properties; named numbers that have odd stories behind them; impossible puzzles and much more. This channel doesn’t provide many tutorials. However, it’s great for sparking curiosity about maths.