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Miss Prichard (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Miss Britton (Thursdays & Fridays)

Homework and Spellings

You can now download the class HOMEWORK and PLANNING mats for Term 5 by clicking on button below.

Please see Homework Sheets and Spellings area for class spellings and additional sheets for Term 5.


In Term 1 we will be studying ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman alongside a range of film clips and short extracts. We will also be looking at recounts and reports.

In Term 2, we will be reading Abi Elphinstone’s ‘Rumblestar’, looking at persuasive writing, biographies and first person narratives.

How does Pullman bring his writing alive for the reader? Can you use expanded noun phrases and different sentence starters to make your writing more interesting?


Maths Our learning will cover the following:

Term 1 Place value, mental addition and subtraction strategies, written methods.

Term 2 Mental multiplication and division strategies, measurement of length, perimeter and area.

Can you use the most efficient method to + - x and ÷ and make quick mental calculations? What is the difference between perimeter and area? How do you work each out?


Science This Autumn Term we will be learning about forces. We will study the types of forces there are including: gravity, air and water resistance, and friction. We will explore the effects these forces have on objects and the effects of levers, pulleys and gears.

ICT What does e-safety mean? Do you know how to keep yourself safe online? Can you prepare a multi-media presentation?


Art We will be drawing inspiration from the pop art movement and looking at the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein. Can you create your own popart in the style of these artists?

Design Technology Tie-dye was all the rage in the sixties. Can you create your own tie-dye T-shirt? Music Can you identify different genres of music from 20th century? How do they make you feel? What do the terms tempo, pitch and dynamics mean?


PE In Terms 1 & 2 we will be doing hockey, football and multi-skills.

We look forward to spending lots of time learning outdoors.

PSHE We will be following a Recovery Curriculum focusing on: Belonging, Reconnecting and Managing Worries and Fears. How can you work with others to meet new challenges and overcome problems?


History The Britain of 2000 was unimaginable at the end of the Victorian era in 1901. What are the technological, scientific and cultural changes that have led to this transformation? Geography How has the our local area changed in terms of settlement, population, trade and transport throughout the 20th century? RE What do religions say to us when life gets hard? We will learn from different religions (Christianity, Hinduism and Islam) about how they help believers when times are hard, and focus on issues of life and death.

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